International Students: Get PAID to survey!

If you are an international student who started studying at JCU Cairns or Townsville this year, the below opportunity may interest you!

There’s an exciting opportunity to be a part of a plan that will define how we as a University project ourselves to the future student community. As an international student who started their study this year we think you are best placed to provide your thoughts on this topic.

We are asking you to participate in a focus group so that you can provide expert insight that will be valuable to this project. This focus group will simply be a small group of other international students sharing their opinions, when prompted with questions from a facilitator employed outside the University.

To show our appreciation for your time each participant will receive $80.00. Lunch is also provided. To register you will need to be available for the full 1.5 hours, see details below.


Participants will need to be available to attend a focus group on campus from  12.30 -2:00pm on Wednesday 17 May in Cairns, or from 12.30 -2:00pm on Thursday 18 May in Townsville. If you are available, and would like to participate, please email before 5pm on Friday 12 May.  Please send the email with the subject heading ‘YES TO FOCUS GROUP’ and include your name, degree/program and your home country.

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