Carolyn Reimann: Alligator Creek



Sash & Aaron in the water and on the rocks

Alligator Creek is in Bowling Green Bay National Park, about 30 minutes South of Townsville.

I think this is one of the hidden secrets of Townsville, as just this past week when we went there, my friend Aaron who had lived in Townsville for 4 years had never been there! If you don’t feel up for an hour drive to Crystal Creek, but you want a croc-free freshwater dip, Alligator Creek is the place to go!

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Lindsey Leathers: End of Semester Blues


It feels like I just got here but now Its the end of the semester. The workload from assignments is weighing down and when it almost feels like its too much, the questions of “why am I here?” and “why am I doing this to myself?” keep repeating in my head. Luckily, with friends feeling the same way, we are able to sympathize and encourage each other for the reasons we decided to continue our education: to make our oceans a better place and to help give ourselves better options for a career. 

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