So You’ve Just Started Undergrad

Author: Olivia Mei Lin Lee

There are many things 3rd year me would have loved to have told 1st year me- Don’t take things so seriously. Are you sure you’re going to skip putting on sunblock today? You should really throw those out instead of trying to cook it– and while I have developed a freckle or two with my oversight, there are some things I would like to have known better when I first started my Marine Science degree. My friend Kessia (who has graduated and was a JCU blogger) and I came up with a few points we thought we might share with any freshers keen to do things better than we did! While some points may be degree-specific, others are general and based on common sense (which you might question we had a lack of).

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Katherine Lasdin: Study Break Bali Trip

Hey guys! So during the study break, like many internationals, I went away to Bali! I was immediately impressed with the amount of detail and respect required there. The temples had so much detail, and rules requiring what was and was not appropriate clothing. I stayed in a Airbnb villa, and it was super nice! We had two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dining/kitchenette, and a pool! Even though we didn’t spend much time there it was nice coming home to our own place each night. We were secluded, but within walking distance of markets and restaurants. Continue reading

Edith Shum: Pallarenda; The perfect day trip

Pallarenda- the perfect day trip
A day’s worth of activities just minutes away from Townsville!

Pallarenda is a small beachside suburb just minutes away from the heart of Townsville. Here you’ll find many opportunities to relax on a stunning beach, cool down with a swim, get your heart pumping with some mountain biking, hike up the many trails for a stunning view, or even give kite surfing a try! Continue reading

Katherine Lasdin: Diving Yongala

One of my biggest dreams when coming to Australia was coming to dive. This past weekend I got to fulfil that dream again. I decided I wanted to scuba dive the reefs off Townsville, so I went through ProDive on Maggie!

Friday consisted of just getting to the island, and preparing for what would be an exhausting two days. Saturday morning, I got picked up at 6:45 from my hotel and got brought to the shop! Immediately, I put on a wet suit and got ready to board the boat. The ride out to the reefs was rough! I do not get sea sick, and I was starting to feel it badly! But we finally made it to the reefs! They were so incredibly beautiful! We worked on a few skills and got to navigate ourselves around the reef. I made three short dives! After a full day out in the sun, we headed back to Maggie and I passed out! I don’t think I was in my hotel for more than 20 minutes before fallings asleep. Continue reading

Edith Shum: Semester’s finally over- now what? 5 events to look forward to

How to make this semester break the best one yet

We’ve made it! It’s finally the end of the semester, and that means celebration (exams can wait). This semester has gone by so fast, and I honestly can’t believe we’re almost halfway through 2017. To get your life back together (cause I know I haven’t been for the past month), here are 5 events to get you started! Continue reading